A Touch of Singapore: Creative Farewell Gift Ideas for Colleagues


Declaring adios to a colleague who may be leaving Singapore may be bittersweet. On one side, you are delighted for them and enthusiastic for his or her new adventure. Alternatively, you’ll miss their presence in the office. With that being said, selecting a emotional farewell gift can have exactly how much you appreciate them and the time put in jointly. If you’re having a tough time thinking about what to give, here are some heartwarming gift suggestions.

Individualized Photo Collection – Among the finest methods to value recollections is by photos. Collect images of your colleague’s period in Singapore and make up a custom made picture collection. You can add farewell gift for colleague singapore quotes, captions, and even published selfies along with your colleagues. In this way, they can dangle it up on the new place of work and smile with the happy times given to your crew.

Farewell Limit – A impede loaded with goodies is a wonderful goodbye gift item that is certainly both innovative and useful. You can include treats, their most favorite coffee or herbal tea, aromatic candle lights, and a personalized notice. This will show them that you’re thinking about them even with they depart. In addition, it serves as a reminder of how significantly they were treasured within the organization.

Custom made Keepsake Package – A personalized keepsake container is actually a thoughtful and useful gift item that may retail store almost all their recollections of Singapore. It is possible to engrave their label or initials on top and fill it with little trinkets, like postcards, wristbands, and souvenirs. This will likely let them have anything real to appear back on and value the memories in their amount of time in Singapore.

Customized Map – Singapore has many distinctive attractions and places. A customized chart is a great farewell gift idea that records every one of the substantial spots your colleague has frequented. It is possible to highlight their best places or perhaps add more their home and office area. Not only could this be a emotional keepsake, but it can also serve as a adornment within their new work enviroment.

Venture Book – If your colleague is leaving Singapore to have an venture, gift idea them an adventure book. This is usually a customized publication which includes their journey itinerary, photos, plus a log. They may file their experience and make a note of their experiences in actual-time. By doing this, they’ll generally have a reminder of your enthusiasm and journeys with their new quest.


Saying adios to a colleague is rarely easy, but offering a genuine gift can display just how much they’ll be missed. Whether or not you choose a picture collection, a keepsake pack, or even a farewell limit, it is essential is making it individual and refractive of your respective time with each other. Remember, it’s really not a gift item, but a long lasting memory space in the happy times provided in Singapore.