Connecting with Your Higher Self through Raatijaga



Raatijaga is definitely an historic exercise that has been passed down via generations of Native individuals. The practice is focused on honoring planet earth along with its resources, along with respecting the other and also the organic setting. Raatijaga educates us being mindful of our actions and strive for stability in most that we do. Let’s consider a closer inspection at what this practice requires.

The Philosophy behind Raatijaga

Raatijaga is based on a viewpoint of regard, balance, and peace with nature. It is thought that we are all attached to the property, creatures, vegetation, and the rest naturally. Which means that we have to think about how our activities affect other folks so that you can conserve a sustainable partnership using our environment. This can include respecting the time that range from territory, for example drinking water and foods, in addition to being mindful of how we rely on them to enable them to be appreciated by generations to come.

Practices of Raatijaga

Raatijaga shows us to live in harmony together and mother nature by practicing a number of behaviors on a daily basis. These methods include taking good care to never leave any locate when going to sacred internet sites or harvesting resources from the territory becoming mindful of methods much electricity you use steering clear of wastefulness taking part in local community activities undertaking psychic ceremonies for special events respecting senior citizens sharing information and acknowledging gratitude for those that has been presented to us. By training these behaviors, it is actually considered that we could help keep ourselves in balance with character and each other.

The Position of Senior citizens in Raatijaga

Elders engage in a crucial part in completing down understanding of Raatijaga from era to era. They are accountable for instructing teenagers about the necessity of residing in peace with character and giving them an awareness of their connection to their ancestors and neighborhood members. Seniors provide help with how best to use all-natural sources without depleting them or leading to harm to other people or creatures along the way. In addition, they are generally involved in producing faith based ceremonies that honor special occasions like birthday celebrations or wedding anniversaries.


Raatijaga is surely an historic exercise rooted deeply within Native neighborhoods throughout The United States. The belief method encourages us to respect one other and are living harmoniously with character when you are mindful of our own actions towards it—and each other—in buy to keep sustainability for future generations. By means of commemorating elders who move down their knowledge about this training, everybody can find out how advisable to stay as outlined by it to ensure that generations to come may reap its rewards too!