Dr Michael Hilton: The Growing Importance of Emergency Medicine in Healthcare


Emergency medicine (EM) has become increasingly important in today’s healthcare system due to certain factors, including an aging population, an increase in chronic illnesses, and a greater prevalence of medical emergencies. With the rising need for emergency care, renowned specialist Dr Michael Hilton believes it is important to recognize the importance of emergency medicine in the healthcare system.

Factors Contributing To The Growing EM Demand

First, the aging population and an increase in chronic illnesses have led to an increase in the number of people requiring emergency care. Aging populations are likely to experience more illnesses and injuries, which may increase the number of people who need emergency care.

Second, the increase in chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and HIV/AIDS, has led to an increase in the demand for emergency care. People with these chronic illnesses often have no symptoms before the onset of an illness or injury, making it difficult to detect early signs of an emergency.

Lastly, the increased prevalence of stress, anxiety, and depression has led to an increase in the demand for mental health care. This includes psychiatric emergencies and behavioral health emergencies, such as a child who has a mental health issue that is unresponsive to normal approaches to help.

The Impact Of Emergency Medicine On The Healthcare System

Emergency departments (EDs) Dr Michael Hilton are often the first point of entry for patients with a medical emergency. From there, they are referred to physicians who specialize in the condition that led to their visit.

For example, a patient with a heart attack will likely be seen by a cardiologist in an office or hospital setting. However, due to the significant demand for ED services, many patients will instead be seen in an ED. This can have a significant impact on the healthcare system because these patients will likely require additional hospitalization and testing.

Lastly, people with a medical emergency who need immediate care but do not require it, such as an asthma attack, or a broken ankle, will likely be seen in an ED, further increasing demand for the healthcare system – which is why emergency medicine is highly essential in healthcare and should be present at all times.