Marty Nothstein: What Equipment Are Needed For Professional Cycling?


Cycling is a sport that requires some equipment, but the amount of gear you need depends on how serious you are about it. If you’re just going to ride around town, then all you’ll probably need are some shorts and shoes. But if you’re going to compete in races or train for long distances, Olympic medalist Marty Nothstein believes that you need to get ready to spend some money on new cycling gear.

Quality Bike For Professional Cycling

You will need a professional-quality bike that is in good condition, the right size for you and your equipment, and strong enough to handle the terrain you’ll be riding on. If you are purchasing a new bike from a shop or manufacturer then they can help determine what kind of bike would work best for your needs.

The Best Helmet For Sports Bikers

The best helmet for bikers at the professional level should be comfortable and fit snugly, but not too tight. A helmet that is too loose will move around on your head while riding, which can cause injury if you fall off your bike.

Waterproof Jacket And Trousers

A waterproof jacket is made from a special material that keeps water out, but allows air inside so that you don’t get too hot. It also has vents at the back so that you can cool down if necessary. The trousers have similar features to the jacket: they are made from a special material which stops rain from getting in but allows air to flow through them.

Gloves For Better Grips

The gloves for professional bikers should be comfortable, and durable and protect your hands from the cold. You can choose between full-finger or three-quarter finger styles, as both have their benefits depending on what type of riding you do and how long your ride will be.

Cycling Shoes To Prevent Injuries

Marty Nothstein Finally, the shoes for professional bikers should be comfortable and durable, as well as made from leather or synthetic materials. The shoes should have a good grip on the pedals to keep your feet on them during long rides. The sole needs to be strong enough for you to support yourself while riding at high speed to help prevent injuries.