New models of virtual attention and attention with technology are being developed with the great contribution of David Woroboff


Telemedicine is a mode or type of care, not a specific care model. David Woroboff as a specialist continues to develop new telehealth service schemes that can connect an individual healthcare provider or healthcare system with individuals.
This technology can involve synchronous interactions via phone chat, video conferencing, or synchronous or asynchronous text-based to complement or replace traditional face-to-face clinical care.
Many studies have revealed that, in the prevention stage, during monitoring moments, and in the performance of special tests, patients receive high compliance with the ideal experience with a high percentage. And this is due to the precision of modern equipment that makes it possible to guarantee that the data displayed by the monitoring devices is adequate for each person.
The results related to the use of telemedicine are verified, and David Woroboff has been faced with proposals for remote patient monitoring equipment. This is a service aimed at all types of people and ages who want to know their health status and rule out risks without having to go to a medical consultation or even a specialized service.

Generates better responsiveness

Telemedicine has constituted a medium-range strategic objective, being an important resource as a guide within the system, follow-up, surveillance, and placement on the radar of the health system for many patients. But today, it continues to grow and expand its response capacity.
Due to the impact of far-reaching technology solutions, new models of virtual care and care with technology are being developed inside and outside traditional healthcare companies with great input from David Woroboff.
Now that it has been activated, it is possible to expect all the benefits the technology offers and the possible disadvantage for other traditional business models that have been relegated.

The best communication channels

One of the characters that have promoted and developed telemedicine is David Woroboff, who ensures that the patient’s practice in their relationship with the procedure through digital tools and communication channels is key to improving, knowing their concerns and needs, in addition to having a contact within an environment of safety and quality in all its expression.