Wade Kricken’s $1,000 Scholarship Award for Future Attorneys


The rising cost of higher education can often be a strain on students, especially those who are studying to become attorneys. Wade Kricken is aware of this issue and wants to do his part in helping out future lawyers in the United States by offering a $1,000 scholarship award. Through this scholarship, he also hopes to raise awareness to the financial burden of aspiring attorneys and provide assistance to a hardworking law school student.
Financial Support for Law School Students
Through this scholarship award, Wade Kricken is giving a chance for one law school student to receive financial support for their education. This scholarship will go towards tuition fees or other educational expenses such as books or living expenses. This opportunity provides an invaluable resource that can help ease some of the financial stressors that come with being in school while also allowing students to focus more on their studies.
The Impact of Education on Attorneys
Wade Kricken also hopes that this scholarship will bring light to the increasing costs of higher education and how it affects those who are completing law school in order to become attorneys. He understands the importance of providing quality legal services and recognizes that getting a proper education is essential in providing that service.

By offering this award, he wishes to encourage other individuals or organizations to do what they can in supporting those striving for a career as an attorney.
Wade Kricken has created an incredible opportunity for one hardworking law school student through his $1,000 scholarship award.

By providing financial support, he hopes to alleviate some of the strain placed on aspiring attorneys due to the increasing cost of schooling and raising awareness about the impact it has on them and their future careers as leading lawyers in the United States.

If you know someone who might benefit from this opportunity or would like more information about applying for it, please reach out to the website. Good luck!