What the Research Says About Hashish Infused with CBD for the Treatment of Pain


Hashish and topical pain relievers containing CBD are popular treatments for managing chronic pain, but what do the scientific studies say about their effectiveness? The National Academies of Sciences have encouraged conducting further studies on the relationship between cannabis and health. CBD does not provide a psychoactive high, but it may have other impacts on the mind. When utilizing a topical pain treatment, there are a range of aspects to take into consideration, and some users have reported experiencing undesirable side effects. Before incorporating it into your regimen, you might want to discuss it with your primary care provider first.
The usage of 39 different items containing CBD was investigated in this study. These products included drinks, creams, lotions, and topical oils. Researchers checked the levels of THC and CBD using a technique known as high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to establish whether or not the results were reliable. The labels on the majority of the goods were valid; nevertheless, close to one third of them were incorrect. Because of this, patients were required to have faith that the medication they were taking was, in fact, risk-free.
Although the use of Hashish Prezzo is permitted in many jurisdictions, it is still illegal according to federal law. Epidiolex is the only prescription pharmaceutical available in the United States that includes CBD. This medication is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of epilepsy in children. However, there are no scientific trials that have been conducted to demonstrate that the medicine is effective in treating pain.
Cannabinoid topicals have been shown to be effective in reducing pain and inflammation in an experiment conducted on animals. Multiple sclerosis and neuropathic pain are both conditions that have been demonstrated in preclinical research to benefit from the use of CBD to treat their respective symptoms. But until this study, there have been no human studies to examine its effect on anxiety and pain.
The efficacy of CBD in relieving anxiety and sleep was evaluated by researchers at the Wholeness Center, a large mental health clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado. 103 adult patients, who were prescribed a combination of CBD and conventional psychiatric medications, were assessed for anxiety and sleep before and during the first two months of treatment. Results showed that approximately 75% of the patients reported improvement in their anxiety and sleep after the first two months of treatment.

Patients also participated in monthly visits that included clinical evaluations, documentation of anxiety and sleep status, and the opportunity to continue or discontinue the use of CBD. When the treatment was explained to the patients, 98% of them provided informed consent, with the majority of them opting to continue the program due to their positive experiences and the option to try a natural approach.

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During the first two weeks of treatment, a mild sedation was observed in a small number of patients. During the following weeks, this sedation resolved. In the third month of therapy, however, two patients discontinued the program because they felt fatigued.
The results of this study suggest that CBD-infused hashish and pain relief products are well tolerated and can be effective in reducing anxiety. However, it is important to remember that a lower dose appears to be sufficient to elicit an adequate clinical response.