Doctor D.J. Bettencourt defends and protects the fundamental rights and guarantees of citizens


The lawyer specializing in constitutional law DJ Bettencourt, based on the precepts contained in the Constitution, is fully qualified to represent and assist people in asserting their fundamental rights in any scenario,
Its strength is full knowledge of the legal structure of the State as a whole, of the form of government and the functioning of the Public Powers, and, very importantly, the wisdom and skill in handling strategies and legal mechanisms to protect the guarantees and fundamental rights of individuals.
The set of constitutional norms constitutes the legal framework in which a State’s entire structure is developed to guarantee and protect the rule of law. In this sense, the Constitution is configured internally in a legal-political text that prevails over any law or norm, whose content provides for the fundamental norms that regulate the State, its structure, and the social order.
Doctor DJ Bettencourt, within the scope of his powers, guarantees constitutional law, formulating before the courts the corresponding appeal for protection when there is a violation of any of the rights provided for in the Constitution.

Dedicated to defending the rights

Doctor D.J. Bettencourt defends and protects the fundamental rights and guarantees of citizens and is also in charge of demanding the restoration of the rights violated by the State itself, basing his work on the Constitution, whose objective is to order and protect the rule of law and the life of people in society, aspects that value the importance of having a lawyer specialized in this matter.
He is a highly qualified legislator specializing in constitutional law, a lawyer whose principles lie in honesty, responsibility, efficiency, and the utmost rigor and dedication in each entrusted procedure.

A professional with legal principles

D.J. Bettencourt is characterized by devoting its practice to demanding the guarantee of compliance with the principle of legality, legal certainty, and respect for normative hierarchies and established powers, and for providing services from the issuance of opinions and feasibility reports, until the drafting and filing of protection resource or any other writ or procedure where it is required to have specialized representation in the constitutional field.