Lou Hampers Helpful Nutrition Guide For Both Kids And Parents To Follow


Preparing healthy meals for your family can be a challenge. With so many demands on our time, it’s easy to resort to fast food and pre-packaged meals. But if you want your child to grow up strong and healthy, you have to make time for home cooking. And that means making sure the ingredients in those meals are nutritious! Here are three easy ways to make sure your child gets proper nutrition:

Feed Your Child A Variety Of Foods

A variety of food is important for children because it helps them to get the nutrients they need. Lou Hampers said that eating a wide range of foods will have a better chance of getting all the vitamins and minerals they need, which makes them healthier overall. They also learn how to eat healthy by watching you.

One example Lou Hampers of a child who gets plenty of variety in their diet is my nephew. When I visit him, I always notice that there are different types of fruit on his plate at every meal–sometimes even two kinds at once! He also likes vegetables like carrots or green beans (which most kids won’t touch) so his parents make sure he has those as well when they make dinner together as a family unit every night after work before bedtime comes around each evening.”

Make Meal Times Fun For Kids

In order to ensure that your child gets proper nutrition, it is important that you make meal times fun for them.

• Make meal times a family activity. It is important for kids to feel like they are part of the process and not just being forced to eat what’s put in front of them.

• Have children help with the cooking and cleanup. This will give them an understanding of how food gets made, which can lead to increased interest in healthy eating later on in life when they’re old enough to cook for themselves or even start their own business selling food products!